If the videos remain static

The videos in this section of the website are the core components of the section, so it's important that they are seen in action.
If the image on the previous page remained static it's quite likely that the rest of the videos will have problems streaming too, either remaining stationary or moving jerkily as they buffer. The image above may start moving before you read to the end of this explanation, however the fact that you're reading this page means that you may have problems viewing the rest of the videos.
To overcome the slow bandwidth problem you may be able to download the videos to your computer, depending on your operating system. On Macs running recent operating systems try Control-clicking on the videos, or in Windows try right clicking on the videos.
Downloading all of the videos in this way may take some time, so alternatively you can request high quality versions of the videos to be sent to you on a dvd by contacting me here.